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Burning Split Track Accompaniment Cd



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How did you rip the tracks? It sounds like they didn't get ripped exactly as they should have. In order to have multiple tracks within a song flow smoothly, each track has to be an exact multiple of sectors in length, since a track must start at the beginning of a new sector. Each sector is 1/75th of a second long, or 2352 bytes. If your track is just slightly too long, by say, 2 bytes, it will go two bytes into the next sector, and the other 2350 bytes will be silence, causing a slight "blip" of silence between the tracks in your song. (And you can't just look at the file size to determine if it's the "right" size, as there is extra header data that's not part of the actual music.)


Also, you need to make sure that you rip the tracks to .WAV files, NOT some compressed format like .MP3 or .WMA because they won't encode/decode identically to your original tracks. The .WAV format doesn't go through any conversion.


So, if you used .MP3/.WMA as the intermediate file type, use .WAV and try it again. If that doesn't solve the problem, I would suggest a different ripping application, like Exact Audio Copy (free).


Let us know how you make out.

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Windows 10/32 bit using NXT 4 / Burn Audio CD - The CD I'm trying to burn has 88 tracks with 10 songs. I ripped the the Cd to my computer. When I burned the CD, the tracks within the individual songs have a slight gap between tracks. Anyone have any ideas?


They may be there in the original music. There are two options:


1) Use Music Disc Creator where you can adjust the time and transition to each piece of music. You can adjust the cuts until they overlap or

2) Use Sound Editor to add the cuts and delete the silence between the cuts. Make sure you select to burn the cd "burn at once" (rather than track at once) so your computer doesn't hesitate between cuts. Read this (link)

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