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Help With Trim And Split



I am having the same issues as tiffenyartist. I finally realized the trim and delete trim buttons will only be available if the Enhancements Drop down is closed. But I cannot find the link or split movie buttons. My opening screen and dics contents looks just like the images above. Thanks in advance for the help. I wish there were more help available through the software for newbies like us.

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You did raise some questions that made me revisit that area...


The Linking is not always what you think...


These 3 will result is all linked clips playing through without pause or return to menu (if one is used):




These will play only as menu items:


One other thing you should note. Do not use the Fit to Disc option as it will produce poor quality!


Stick to Span Disc if your project is long, figuring on about 1 hour for a 4.7GB disc ;)

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