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Trying To Upgrade From Nxt To Nxt4 Keeps Hanging



I am on windows 8.


1. First attempt to upgrade when it got to the actual installation part it hung on the removing old programs.. like a fraction of an inch into the process it just hung.. I waited an hour.. zero progress. I came to forums and saw that you need to reboot and start over.. so I did that

2. Finding the right file to start over with after a hung installation when you have downloaded an upgrade is no easy task but eventually I found it and started it .. and immediately got an error saying not enough space available .. I have over 500 gigs of space. So I manually went to add remove programs and am uninstalling it using the control panel. 1 hour in and it's 3/4 finished.. THIS IS AN UNINSTALL, not an install...it's hung on "copying new files" What new files are there to copy? ITS AN UNINSTALL.

3. All of this because I tried to use my NXT version this morning to export a video and it blacked half the images out. I tried posting for help in the forums but got attacked pretty quickly .. I wrote a long detailed and thoughful post and the response I get is .. WHY ARE YOU POSTING HERE?? Clearly HERE was my best guess for where it needed to be posted, how about you respond with .. This is the wrong forum.. post your question over there --> So I researched and found another place to post it.. I copied and pasted the entire post to the new more fitting location.. it was immediately deleted. So I decided to upgrade.. spend the money for the Pro version.. surely the PRO version will take care of all these issues. Now I have wasted an entire day jacking around with this software.


I work really hard.. I don't have an entire Sunday to waste because you guys have horrible installation software. Starting to feel more than a little ripped off.


UPDATE: After several reboots I was able to find and execute the NXT 4 installation executable .. it looked like it was going great for about an hour.. but now it's been hung on Copying New Files for a very very long time. Really wishing I'd chosen to do something else with my time today beside upgrade software.

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Update: I finally got it to complete the installation process.. When I try to launch Roxio Creator it tells me that I am missing critical DLLs and registry entries. It says to go to the program management page and choose "repair". Problem is.. Roxio Creator is not listed in the list of programs on the Program management screen. >> YEP, almost 10 hours of trying to get this program to upgrade.. such a pleasure

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Finally, at 7PM, 12 hours after I started trying to create a video with Roxio Creator vanilla.. I was just able to export the file and it exported correctly. I'm sorry, your upgrade process needs improvement.. there is no reason it should take 12 hours



There was no need to install NXT 4 - your original version would have done the same thing. In fact by switching to NXT 4 you downgraded to a "poorer" version. You never bothered to answer any of the questions that were asked but instead called them stupid.


BTW, this is not Roxio support and we are all simple users of the software

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