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Recording Skyhd Via Hdmi



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Kind of thin ice - asking us to help your break copy protections...


They really frown on that HERE and HERE :lol:

I would like to know exactly why you gave me a warning?
What wrong-doing have I caused?
I am wanting to convert an old TV show (That recently got reshown) onto my PC at the highest possible quality.
Where's the problem with that?
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It would seem that you probably have the means to find out if you still have your RGC HD Pro and your Sky+HD DVR. Why don't you tell us if the system keeps the HDCP coding with the recorded program?


I do have the means to find out myself, however my Roxio is setup on my gaming rig in my bedroom (upstairs) and the Sky box is setup in the living room (downstairs).. so thought Id ask first, see if anyone else knows before I move my PC downstairs to try it, to then find it doesn't work!

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Well, no one else has asked about that hardware configuration, or content programming, so it looks like it's up to you.


My "guess" and it is only a guess, is that the HDCP is part of the content that was sent, and thus also recorded. If that is the case, then you'll see the same issue trying to capture from playback as from capturing the "live" broadcast. But again, that's only a guess, and you'll have to hit the stairs with your RGC and PC to find out for sure. Alternatively, you could move your Sky+HD DVR upstairs to your bedroom to try capturing the recorded program.


There is nothing wrong in attempting to do what you're trying to do (capture video content), but the RGC HD Pro won't capture HDCP content, as you've seen. And discussions about trying to work around the HDCP are not allowed here. I don't see where anything you've asked here goes in that direction.


When you do try it, please post the outcome here, so we know too.

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