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New Owc Optical Bluray Drive On Macbook 12


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Dera All,


I just have purchesed a new OWC SLIM USB 2.0 External Tray-Loading Optical drive and feeling annoying as my MacBook12 cannot see this drive. I have even inserted a bluray movie into the drive and the MacBook can see nothing like is not recognising.

Please can anynone help me on this...what I should do to conect the drive to my MacBook 12?

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I just looked up the requirements on that burner. Do you/have you read this to determine if you meet/have all the requirements? If you put a non-blu ray disc in the drive, does your computer recognize that the drive is there?


Remember that Macbook 12 is sort of saying you have a Ford -- not very descriptive concerning the specs.


What program are you using to try to play the disc?


I think that you need to concentrate on finding out why your computer doesn't see the drive. After the computer sees the drive, then look at why the software doesn't work.


Did you insert the drive before installing it (if required). Do you have security software that may have blocked part of the installation? Did you reboot after the installation?


How many blu ray discs did you try?. Is the one you tried a commercial disc or is it an illegal RIP from a commercial disc?


Please read what I posted so I or someone else doesn't have to ask the same questions again.

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