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Not Enough Storage To Complete This Operation



While working on a slide show production, one that was nearly complete, the above message appeared after double clicking on an image in Media Selector to magnify it for a closer inspection. I entered the message in search but nothing came up. Each time thereafter, when an image was double clicked to magnify it, the same happened again. The slide production was saved and closed and opened again, which seemed to solve the problem.


What caused the problem? It must be related to some type of operating memory since the system memory appears sufficiently large. Have been able to overcome the disruption so it's not an event that has ruined a production, but I am interested in learning why it happened.

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Answering your second question, there was an error message but no error number. Regarding your first question, the amount of virtual memory is shown as between 6,129MB with a maximum of 8,000MB. It

has been my understanding that the OS more or less defines the amount of virtual automatically. However, in this instance, the automatic box is not checked. Rather these are manual settings. I did

not personally input these settings. Consequently, I have to assume the settings were done either by the person that originally serviced the computer and initially set up the dual OS system, or it was done by the service person that is currently in use. So if these settings are incorrect and require adjustment, what ought they be? The installed RAM is 8GB. Changing virtual memory to 1.5 times

actual seems quite large, and what effect will it have on the operation of the computer under ordinary conditions assuming that when the error occurred in Videowave it might be considered as an

unusual condition.

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Have read the information. Why would I be negative after reading the information? It is what it is. Since my last posting I Googled about adjusting virtual memory settings. There are many responses and quite varied opinions. Since the "Not enough storage space" issue has not occurred on a regular basis, and it has only occurred in Videowave, plans are to just leave things as they are. If this

does become an ongoing problem, it will be dealt with then.


From what I did read after Googling the subject, and it addresses my original question about why the error message appeared, it's apparently caused when using programs that places a heavy demand upon

computing, such as video editing apparently does. Thanks for the help.

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