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Latest Version Will Not Work With Older 2010 Slideshows



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I just updated to the Creator NXT Pro 4 because I was told that Windows 10 will not work with my previous version Roxio 2010. When i went to use the new version on the project i just finished in 2010 none of the transitions or text work! Is this typical for the latest software?

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I did finish the project in 2010 first, but as i stated in the original thread the production runs fine for all of the jpg files, but it freezes (sometimes) at the movie files (WMV or MOV). So i was told that i needed to upgrade to Creator NXT4 and when I did the original production didn't work. I have also noticed that I do not have any transitions even if i start a new project in Creator NXT4. any suggestions?

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Who told you to upgrade to NXT 4? What do you mean by "I do not have any transitions even if i start a new project in Creator NXT4"? That seems to indicate a problem with your install. How many transitions do you see?


As we have said, C2010 projects most likely will not work in NXT 4.

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As near as I can tell... The version of MyDVD in NXT4, does not do transitions within the program... However!


You can still create them when they are done through VideoWave in a slightly different manner than we were used to ;)


The thing to remember about this new approach is that the transitions are added in VideoWave like you did before, but you must export them using the Export As or the new 'Prepare for Authoring' icon


Follow along:


Choose Prepare for Authoring:


Pick what you want and where to put it:


Note during the output the Transitions are included:


Close VW and open MyDVD. In MyDVD add the clip or clips:


Either in Magic Mode:


Or Advanced Mode:


Select Preview & Play:


And the transitions are there:



Now the bad news for you...


If you didn't do an Export As in the earlier version so that the Transitions and/or Text were included in the file, you will have to add them in VW with NXT4.


And in MyDVD you cannot add a VW Project file (dmsm) like we used to :(


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