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Videowave Slideshow - Where Did It Go?

Austin Fox


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Not sure which operating system you are using as you didn't say.

But try this--If you saved your slideshow, (all "videowave" productions

when saved are saved with the extension "DMSM"). So do a search on your

operating system for dmsm and see if it can locate the file name you saved

it with.

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OK. I'm running Windows 10. I can find the DMSM file. It opens in the VideoWave editor. Again, I try to Output to Facebook. I Post to Facebook. It returns Your video has been published. I go to my Facebook account and it isn't there. Where does the output go?


What did Facebook say when you contacted them?

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Plan B:


Export it as something else. Try an mpeg file and then manually upload that to Facebook.


If that works, we can talk about Why it didn't before...


If it doesn't work, we can talk about Why... :lol:



Plan B worked. And as long as I have a method that works, that's good enough for me. Thank you, sir.

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The 'Why' is really a guess -_-


I suspect there was something in the first that Facebook just did not like!

By using the Export, it was somehow rendered into an acceptable format.

It does take about teh same time either way, as both are rendered then uploaded...

Again, happy it worked.

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when you started the post you couldn't find your file. I suggest that in the future you create

A new folder for that particular slide show and place all of the photos, music etc and place it all

In that folder including the saved dmsm file you save.

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