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My Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Does Not Work



Hey guys,

So i recently bought a new roxio hd game capture pro card and it doesn't seem to work.

I am sure that everything is connected correctly so could you offer me your help? My computer's specification are okay so i dont see the problem.

This is how i see my screen...



Thanks for your time :)


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So one HDMI goes in my TV and then in my game capture card and then another one from my game capture card to my Xbox 360.
When the USB cable isn't inserted in my pc i get a normal starting screen without a signal ( it says no signal in green). But when i plug in my usb cable i get the same thing as the original picture i posted.

I cant see anything on my xbox until i plug in my usb, but then everything dissapears on my software.

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I have a note for the quilt that WMP 11 of higher must be installed on the PC for it to work...


As odens noted, your TV should still work as that is a pass through on the RGC Device.

So you think it is a problem with my pc? Where can i download the software that you have mentioned ?

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Answer my 2nd question in post #2 please.


Windows Media Player (WMP) is included with your Operating System (OS),


Click on the Start (bottom left on this page), then All Programs and see if yours is there. If it is, open it and click on the Help tab, when it opens select "About Windows Media Player and see what version you have.

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ogdens is right, you need to dig in a little and don't expect a 'click & smile' solution :lol:


As I said, the WMP note I have is a one line note without any of my comments and could even apply to a different Roxio Software :huh:


We don't work for Roxio, just users like yourself, so you can't expect instant answers.

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