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I Might Be A Noob But Please Help With 1080P



So, my son got this Roxio HD Pro Capture Card. He has connected in to his laptop with the USB (power) and the HDMI to the HDMI input on the capture card. All good - he can capture while he is playing on the PC (mostly agar.io) BUT the profile is imposible to change from 720p to 1080p and he is very upset with that as the graphics are not that good.


The laptop is MSI GE60 Apache Pro and it should have no problems...

He also has Bandicam and it works with 1080 but it causes some lag...


Please help as my son is killing me with all his questions and I have spend HOURS on the internet trying to figure out what to do...


Thank you and a very happy new youer to ya all.

Regards from Denmark.

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So, he is capturing onto the same laptop which he is playing on as well? That's always a bit iffy. Some people have managed to make it work okay, others haven't.


A couple of things to check and try:


1) Make sure the HDMI output from the laptop is manually set to be 1080P, if the game supports it. You can't let the output auto-detect the resolution because the RGC HD Pro doesn't report back properly, you have to manually set the output resolution to what you want.


2) The RGC HD Pro will only offer resolutions as high as what as being delivered to it. If 720P is being output from the laptop, it will not let you capture at 1080P.


Hope that helps!

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