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Creator 2011 Service Pack


Was hoping to upload the 2011 Service Pack for my existing Roxio Creator app but it keeps asking me whether I want to allow the uploaded app.exe to make changes to my computer. When I click, "yes," it says it can't find the patch, even though it's successfully downloaded at 64.5 mb. This was all simply to enable Roxio to burn my 16:9 HD video to a finished DVD product that wasn't 4:3 and showing a "skinny-squished" view when played to my TV on a DVD player. Is there an easier fix?

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Perhaps the patch is already installed? Your program is very old (in terms of computer program life). Did you see anyhtign in that update that would address your problem?


Where is you get the 16 by 9 HD video. Did you do any editing in Video Wave?


All videos that are put on a standard DVD are converted to a lower resolution (720 by 480 or whatever is local) so that may be part of your problem.. For best results, make a blu ray disc (if you have the burner) or an AVCHD disc if your DVD player will play an AVCHD disc.


What operating system are you using?

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