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Missing Udf



I sent a DVD I made in Toast 14 to a replicator and they said is was missing the UDF.


What does that mean and how can I correct the problem?


They also said it failed testing because of a "video title set order problem".


I simply created a DVD-Video from four mpeg-4 files. The DVD plays perfectly on my DVD player.


Any idea what might be happening that it fails testing?

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UDF-Different burning softwares use different formats which are many a times incompatible with other formats, which means that a CD/DVD burnt in a particular format might not be readable in a system using a different format.

UDF or Universal Drive Format is a format readable by all formats or systems. To put it simply, it does not have a compatibility issue with any formats and is readable throughout.

I don't have an answer to your UDF issue, I remember reading something about adjusting the IFO. I'm not sure if that will solve your problem.


I'm wondering if your DVDs play correctly on a set top (stand alone) DVD player. I've had terrible issues with video displaying fine on Mac or PC, but then cropping when played on a DVD player. My DVD is also created from MPEG-4 files.

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