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Burning Multiple Copies



Hi, I am new to the VHS to DVD 3 software and have a question with regard to burning multiple copies of a home movie currently on VHS.


Once I have started the process of playing the VHS and burning the home movie to a DVD, do I have the ability to burn a second copy of the home movie without rewinding the VHS tape?


Is the VHS home movie saved or stored somewhere in the program which would allow me to simply burn a second copy?


Thank you,



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The best way to create DVDs from VHS is to use the Record, Edit, Save option from the launch screen. Do not use the direct to DVD option since you have to rewind the tape and restrat VSH2DVD to make a new DVD.


When you first capture to you hard drive you can reuse the capture video file to make additional DVDs.

Another option is to create a image file which can then be used to make multipole DVDs. An image file (it will have the extension iso) is an exact copy of what will be on a DVD. This would be the best and quickest method to use for what you have in mind

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