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Audio Echo During Video Capture



I’ve successfully captured about 75 DVDs worth of video using Roxio and I’m now beginning to have problems with Capture. After about 10-20 minutes of capture, the audio begins to exhibit a significant reverb/echo. When I stop the capture, the echo stops. I can then exit out of the program, reboot, start again and I’m good for another 10-20 minutes of capture.


I recently upgraded from Win 8 to 10. I cannot recall whether this was happening before the upgrade.


I'm using Roxio Creator Next 3, Build 160B45J

Connection via Roxio USB 2861

Capture Setting: DVD HQ

Composite Video


What I’ve tried so far:

  • Restarting before capture
  • Deleting extra files
  • Defrag/Optimize
  • Remove spyware
  • Update audio and video drivers
  • Disabling internet connection

I have this PC dedicated to video production. I'm only using 119GB out of 918GB available. DXDIAG attached.


Thanks for any ideas.



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Thanks for the ideas. Questions:


I think I switched to DVD HQ because with DV I had run into problems during disc creation. If I use DV, does it still later get converted to MPEG? Will I have lower quality with DV than with DVD HQ?


Do I select the Audio under Options/Audio Input/Device? The only option in that drop down is "Line (2-Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Device)". I was surprised to see this, since my audio plugs are connected only to the Roxio Video Capture USB.

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The video standard for DVDs is mpeg - all other formats are converted to this format on DVD creation. So there is no real advantage to first capture to DV, in fact since it has to be rendered again to mpeg, there may even be a loss of quality but not enough that you would notice.

Still, there should be no problem using DVD avi for DVD creation. What problem were you having when you used DV avi?


There only reason for first capturing to DV avi is to check if the noise problem is also there.

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Thanks to you both.


I captured using Roxio Next 3 set for AV which solved the echo problem.


Now my situation gets more complicated and you may prefer that I switch forums to continue.


I use CyberLink Power Director for production which I have found to be superior to Roxio. However, I have been unable to successfully capture analog video in PowerDirector, so I capture in Roxio and produce in PowerDirector. I've had great success with this process with many DVDs until this recent problem started. FYI, PD has a worse audio issue-- it pulses the audio-- 1 second on/ 1 second silent.


In PD (with the Roxio captured AV file), the process fails 21% into the authoring process.


I tried Producing (to MPEG) before Authoring/Burning. I get an error dialog box which tells me to check my Graphics Card Driver (I did this long ago-- it has the most current driver). It also tells me to check to update Windows Media Player "or" QuickTime.


I believe this is what caused me to change my process to capture as DVD HQ. Although it is a pain to have to monitor the capture process and keep restarting it every 10-20 minutes, I was able to successfully author and burn when I first start with DVD HQ. Maybe that is what I am up against for the few remaining VHS tapes I need to convert.

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