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Mydvd Issues - Split



Jumping in with a similar issue. Clean installed NXT 4 on windows 10. Made the usual great videos. Wanted to burn a project into a blu ray disc. CLicked the "DVD" button on top of the screen. Up popped a "Prepare for authoring" screen - not the usual screen I saw in NXT 3. (first, of course, I had to purchase the $7.99 blu ray option. ) Anyway, all this screen tried to do was render another video which I don't need. I want it placed onto a blu ray disc. I read the thread, and tried the suggestions. IN the My DVD program I tried to browse to one of my DMSM projects, but the browse screen would not recognize the project. I am at a loss. Why won't this program just go to a burn screen? Thank you for any help.

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First of all the myDVD in NXT 4 is completely different from previous versions (and inferior). You would have noted that if you read all the posts in this thread


"Prepare for authouring" is required if you want to burn a DVD or BlueRay. It has to render the video to the proper format and this may include the menus

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Can't really follow what you are saying???


EVERYTHING that says "Create DVDs" open the new version of MyDVD.


The Project Files for this version are "MyDVD" and none of the previous Project files will work in it :(


The only way there can be a file in it when it starts is if you select the 'Previous Project' or 'Last Project'.


In that case, you simply click on File - New Project and go from there.


Take another look at it and get back if you still have issues ;)

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