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Degraded Quality



Ok so I have a Roxio HD Pro and I use it with my PS4 to record and live stream. I put my HDMI from my PS4, to my Roxio, then HDMI from Roxio, to my monitor.

My problem is that the quality is not good compared to just HDMI from PS4 to monitor.

I go to my video settings on PS4 and choose 1080p, but next to it it says "1080p(Unsupported)"

It says that for every video option.

On my PC, I go to the Roxio application and make it 1080p with the bitrate at 15000 and .mp4 format

My PC specs are the following :

i5 6600k @ 4.4GHZ

16GB DDR4 2800MHZ

GTX 770

Samsung 850 PRO 256GB SSD

1TB Seagate HDD


If someone could help me out with this issue, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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OK but contradictory info...


PS4 if 1080P is not supported, WHAT did you select? Note - 1080P is supported at 30fps


Also that indicates the possibility you are using an automatic selection - Don't Work!


RGC - you cannot select what it not received. So if your PS4 is outputting 1080P @ 30fps, you will see that setting allowed.


MP4 - never use it, won't work!

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It's normal to have the "1080P (unsupported)" thing in the resolution settings when connected to the Roxio. As long as you set your PS4 to 1080p the quality degradation won't be as much as when it is set to 720p.


p.s. The colours will look a bit different it's normal

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