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Chapter Titles



I am a long time user of iDVD that just started using Toast DVD. I like the fact that I can define chapter markers (we lost that ability in iMovie several years ago); however the chapters are simply listed with a number. How do I add chapter titles? A menu that just lists 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.. looks bad.

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Hi, I have had Toast DVD for just a couple of days ago so I am a real newbie, but I also needed to have chapter markings in a dvd. Here's how I did it...I used iMovie to string together a bunch of video clips. In iMovie, I added a Title at the beginning and between each clip and a fade transition before and after each title. The Title was the text that I wanted the chapters to be.


I shared my iMove as a File and then dragged it into Toast DVD. I clicked on the edit button and then clicked on the Chapters button. When the first title showed up, I clicked ok and the first Chapter button appeared. Then in the edit window I slid the progress cursor to the next title and clicked the + sign in chapters to make the next chapter button. I repeated this all through the video.


I chose a menu style that met my needs.


I saved this as a Disc image so I could test it and it works perfectly. When I watch the movie, the each title shows up as a button in the menu. There is no "Chapter 0", "Chapter 1" - just the titles that I want.

if I click on the menu button of my player, I can go from segment to segment in any order. It plays through the entire video from wherever I start.


Again, I have only worked on this for a couple of hours, and I have read that Toast DVD has problems producing a DVD that can be played various DVD players - I hope that is not the case as this is a training video that I have to distribute.


That will be my next test - for now...looking good!



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