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Does Toast (8) Only Use The Reasonable Bitrate Needed, Even When Set To Custom 8Kbps?




I know, that, if one has the space on a DVD, one should utilize the whole bitrate of the DVD-standard (i.e. 8-9mbit/s video and 1500kbit/s audio PCM). But could it be, that Toast chooses a smaller bitrate, if a higher doesn’t bring any benefit?

I am using Toast 8. With automatic settings „best“ and 1 file (a 10min. cartoon with 670kbps AVC video) I get a DVD where the vob-track has 5563kbps video (audio is 192kbps AC3). See first picture.

With custom setting (8mbps average, 8.5mbps max, half-pep on I get 5705kbps video for the vob (and 448kbps audio AC3, because I set it that way). See picture 2.

I am now doing a test with different numbers of clips per one DVD and look what bitrates Toast uses then. (All with automatic "best" and also with custom 7-8kbps)


The source is SD and not high quality (a 10min. cartoon with 670kbps AVC video). Would someone with a faster computer (I have a mac mini i5 2,5GHz 2012) and better ways to judge the result want to download a testfile (65MB) from me?


Or can one of yu say based on the specs of the source file, what bitrate makes sense and what would be overkill and what would be to low. (I did a test with iDVD and set to "professional quality" and added the max allowed number of clips (12) and got something over 3000kbps. The faster encode option in iDVD resulted in a lower number of clips and a bitrate of 5936kbps (while in both cases audio is always 1500kbps PCM!).





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