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Installation On My New Serface Pro



Need your help.


How do I install Roxio Creator NXT3 on my new Surface Pro? It does not come with a CD/DVD access? I tried copying the CD files onto a Jump Drive, some of the files just refused to be copied no matter what CD/DVD player that I use. I try to down load the product from Rosio.com, I am being asked for an order number which I do not have because it appears that I bought it from a store.


Can Roxio or anyone reading this help?


David Duchatellier

Phone Deleted

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There should be no problems copying the files onto a USB drive. What is the error you're getting? Is it a read error from the installer DVD? If so, then check for fingerprints or dust or scratches, and if it's something that can be cleaned off, do so carefully and try again. (Always wiping from the center to the outside edge of the disc, never circularly.)


If there is still a problem reading the disc, see if you can borrow a friend's PC and see if a different drive has any better luck. (Though you indicate you tried different drives.)


Again, let us know what the actual error is, and if it's an error reading the disc, then take it back where you bought it and get a new one.


Let us know how you make out.

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