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Burn Fail: Could Not Record, Too Many Files Open. Result Code=-42



This issue is driving me nuts. I had it on Toast 12 suddenly, not knowing what caused it, and now after the upgrade to 14 here it is again! All I'm doing is dragging a file into the burn area, labelling the disk, normal in all ways, it then spends an hour encoding and then rejects the disk with this error message. What on earth is the matter with this thing? What files am I supposed to close?

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The error might be a symptom of something tangential, but suppose for now that it really is about the number of open files:


Does this happen when making a video disc (DVD/BD), audio disc (CD-DA) or data disc?

If it is a video disc, then does Toast process one video file or more? (E.g. ten clips would keep a 10-fold of files open during the processing.)

Does it happen with just Toast (and the Finder) as only open applications? (It might be that some other app is keeping loads of files in opened state, and Toast just adds a few to push it over the limit.)

Does it happen right after a reboot? (So that the memory of open files from other processes is as clean as possible.)

What version of OS are you running? (The [default] maximum number of open files has changed per version. I think for OS X 10.11.2 it is 12,288 total and 10,240 for any one process, which should be plenty for home use. Before Lion 10.7, the max number per process was significantly lower.)

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It happens when burning a video disk/DVD. I have had the error when burning several short videos to play in succession, as well as a single large 1 hour video. It has happened only with Toast, both v12 and now v14. Rebooting hasn't made a difference. Running OS 10.8.5. Toast will encode or multiplex, and begin the burn. Toward the end of the burn comes the error message, and the session must be cancelled. I turn off all other processes except Finder to give the max to Toast. The computer is a late 2010 Macbook Pro, 2.66 GHz processor, 16 GB memory. Have replaced the DVD internal player with a 1T harddrive. Startup harddrive is a 1T SSD.

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