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Split From Unrelated Thread In Wrong Forum


Hello, I use Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus on Windows 7 Home. I have made videos for a few years. Now when I go to make a DVD I get the error Please insert a recordable DVD. In the selection it shows my DVD drive, if I hit the eject button it opens the DVD. Sometimes when I use the eject button and the drive opens and then closes it will show that there's a blank disc ready for recording. But then it changes back to the insert a disc after 5 seconds.


Searching the forum I installed the suggested drive update/fix, it didn't help.


Even tho I'm using Win 7 my version of VHS to DVD is updated to the latest update which includes the Win10 drivers.


How do I get the VHS to DVD software to acknowledge that there is a blank DVD disc in the drive?


PS. I'm posting this here because there isn't anyway for me to create a new post on any of the forums. I can only reply. I don't know why.

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Do you not see the orange "Start New Topic" button near the top right of the forum window?


Why would you update drivers to Win10 if you are using W7?

What program do you really have? You start out by saying you have VHS2DVD 3 Plus then say you updated VHS2DVD (which is incompatible with Win10). Those are two completely different programs.

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We have used several unofficial abbreviations - EVD, V2D, VHS2DVD to describe the product. I'll bet the "2" in his case is a substitution for "to" ;)

Why won't it burn for him?

Good question and there are many possibilities... The fact that is has worked and failed indicates the Drive or Media are the issue... If it is good media like Verbatim (Singapore) and Taiyo Yuden (JVC), it is likely the Drive.

Even if the media always worked before, it still cannot be ruled out as it can go bad over time...

Of course one cannot rule out software or drivers either :unsure:

First thing to try is a proper Repair to the software:

First thing to do is to turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc.

Unplug your Roxio Capture Device and put it aside until you are completely finished.

Now insert your Roxio Disc.

Don’t do any updates at this time (get it running first)

When you reach the screen where Repair is offered, choose that!

When the Repair completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.

If that fixes it, your done. Otherwise...


In Device Manager, uninstall the drive and reboot (it will be detected automatically and reinstalled).

Another Drive & Media check will cost a DVD. Use Windows Burning to burn some files to a blank DVD.


What happens then?

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