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Xbox One - Audio Cuts Out

Element Zero


Hey everyone,

I recently found that I still have my HD Pro, and so I updated it to the latest version so that I can use it with my Xbox One. I've captured two clips, one about 3 minutes long, the other about 8 minutes. My problem is that the audio cuts out. In the first capture it cut out after 2 seconds, and in the second capture it cut out at about 2 minutes. I am using a 3 year old HP Envy dv4, so it may be a problem with the laptop itself. Any help is much appreciated.


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Seems a bit odd...


Any video glitch at the cutout point - a flash, flicker, or dropped frame?


When you say you recently found your RGC, I wonder if during its' neglected time a connector might have gotten a little damaged???


Make SURE all your wires are connected tightly and they are supported so they are not swinging around any.


If you have other HDMI & USB cables, switch them out to make sure they are good (doesn't matter if they worked before - test anyway ;) )


Lastly, try another Source. A DVD or BD Player to see what it does in capture.


Let us know how you make out.

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