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Chapter Menu Will Appear Or Run On Dvd Created With Roxio Nxt 3


I am using Windows 7 with Roxio NXT 3. I have checked for any updates and they have been installed. I have used 'Edit Video - Advanced' to create a video that lasts about 45 minutes and the 'My DVD' to produce a playable DVD. I have put chapters into the project and saved it. It plays in the preview window (including the Title window and when selected the Chapter windows) very nicely. The DVD plays on the TV very nicely. My problem is the the Title window and the chapter windows DO NOT play on the TV. The DVD goes directly to the first chapter and all the subsequent chapters. I have tried to select the DVD Menu or Top Menu on the remote for the DVD players that I have used with no success. Any suggestions?????

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You probably never noticed but that is the industry standard for Chapter behavior :o

Take a read through this Topic on Scenes and Chapters - Here


Chapters are a few click down ;)


Any questions after that, don't hesitate to come back and ask.

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