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Sounds Stops While Outputting Video In Video Wave Creator Nxt 2



I am running Creator NXT 2. I have projects that were created in NXT 2 and I was able to create a Video Wave production including a couple black slides and in imported movie. I was able to Output that production and the sound was fine throughout. That was on Window 7. I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Creator now runs very slow and any file actions such as browsing or saving takes a several minutes to perform. Worse of all the production I created by copying an older one that worked, creates an output file where the sound is fine for the first minute or so but then cuts out completely. The video was captured from a DV camera through Roxio. I've tried a couple different output formats but the results are the same. Is there a compatibility issue with Windows 10 or is something else going on?

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Corel seem to be as mixed-up as they're making us. This link shows NXT 3 but not NXT 4, while this link shows NXT 4 but not 3.

I think they serve a different web page depending on your location, and the US one has been updated but the Australasian one hasn't.


Which version of Windows 10 do you have? The public beta (version 10.0) that they first gave everyone, or version 1511 [the November update]? They are very different.


Check out NXT 4 before spending more money on it.

NXT 4 has a new, dumbed-down version of MyDVD that users are finding problematic.

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