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How To Add Single Mp3 Audio File Into Entire Production

Shrikant Bhagwat


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Yes, not too hard to do but some things you want to be aware of... (if anyone knows better way, please join the Topic)


I created a Project with 3 movies totaling 1:38:42 in time. I want background music throughout the Project.


Best to be in Timeline view. then pick Add Background Audio:



You will have a choice of where to put it, use the music track to this:



Now pick your music source ~ yours or the supplied pieces:



Using my own, you can see the little song near my cursor on the Music Track. Problem is it is too short and you cannot drag it out beyond what is was recorded at!



However, if I use one of the supplied pieces, you can see that it knows the length of the project and will process it to fill that length.





If we examine the piece, you can see that it repeats 8 times and a little of the 9th to fill the project.



So you should complete the Video part first so that cuts and deletes won't mess it up, then add your audio.


If you use your own, you will have to build it separately to fill the time needed.

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