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How To Burn A Blu-Ray Ntsc Region 0 Or 1 To Disk?



I am submitting my video to a film festival and it needs to be a blu-ray disk, NTSC region 0 or 1. I have toast 14 Pro. What is the best and/or easiest way to get it done from the finished edit in timeline from Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)?



Should I try and burn it using a H264 and a separate audio file exported from Compressor? Or Export/Create a Quicktime (QT) file of my finished timeline video, and import that into Toast to burn the Blu-ray disk?


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DVDs can have region coding 1-6 (1-8), BDs can have region coding A, B or C. Toast does not restrict regions when authoring, so Toast’s encodings are always all regions (sometimes referred to as (fictional) region 0).


Toast used to re-encode all H.264 source files, even compliant ones (unlike it does for MPEG-2). You may want to check with a short clip if the latest version of Toast still does this.

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Thanks for the info.


The file that I am trying to burn to a BDs is a H.264 file from the Compressor. It's taking forever. I'm at 22%, and it's been multiplexing the 25 minutes video for 4 & 1/2 hours. I started it before I read your helpful post.


Tommow evening I will try a short H.264 file and see what's up. What other file format do you suggest I use to compress my FCPX project before I try to make another BD?

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