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Is Everyone Having Problems With Photoshow Today...or Just Me?



I just created a Photoshow as a memorial for a friend that was killed in an auto accident Monday, and shared it on Facebook for friends to see. So many were loving the photo memories and now it appears that the photoshow is no longer available due to something about Photoshow today....there is no support chat available ("offline") and the phone number is a fast busy. I just signed up again after letting my past subscription expire and paid in full. This is a terrible time for me to not have this available. Can someone help??? Apparently Photoshow support isn't going to.


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Now I'm getting that also. It may be temporary. It is the same on W7 and W10 computers.


If you Google for that error, Microsoft says it may be because of a virus. -- Since all of us should not have the same virus at the same time -- perhaps the server has a virus problem. ;)


I noticed that Roxio/Corel has been making web changes; perhaps they screwed up ! :o


I asked a Roxio employee to see if he can help.

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Today is another day ! :)


I was able to sign in to PhotoShow this morning and get to my PhotoShows. Of course the desktop version of PhotoShow doesn't work with W10 (and probably W8) so, although you can download the PhotoShows to your computer, you cannot use the desktop version to convert them to a usable format unless you use W7 or earlier. :(


I am in the process (as a test) of downloading a longer PhotoShow to my W7 laptop and converting it to a mpg2 file. It seems to work but it is slow. A wmv conversion seems to hang. I can not do either with my W10 desktop.


I have not been able to open a PhotoShow with any other program that I've found on the W10 computer.

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PhotoShow has been broken for quite awhile and cannot be fixed. Additionally, Microsoft made some upgrades that further killed PhotoShow a couple of months ago.. This affects W8 and W 10. I was still able to connect to PhotoShow.com via EDGE (updated IE).


I got an error message yesterday and still today trying to connect via Google Chrome.


ADH, get your money back if possible unless you really need the on-line web site -- that may still not be available via Facebook.


If you have the Premium membership, download the desktop version and then the actual PhotoShow you want. Convert it in step 3 to a wmv or mpg2 file and upload that to YouTube or other sharing site. If you are using a fully updated Windows 8 or 10, this will probably not work for you.



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