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Gapless Audio Cd

Ian Osborne


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It's possibly the way your tracks are split. Is the "stutter" a small, very short, bit of silence between tracks? If so, the answer gets technical.


A CD sector is 2352 bytes long, which is 1/75th of a second of music. Lets say that the first (or previous) song ends 10 bytes into its last sector. On an Audio CD, all songs have to start at the beginning of a sector, not partway into a sector. (Those are the specifications, you can't change them.) So, the last 2342 bytes of the sector are filled with zeroes, or silence, and the next song starts at the beginning of the next sector. It doesn't seem like much, but 1/75th of a second can be pretty audible.


So, you need to "prep" your songs to end at the end of a sector. I don't know what tools are available for the Mac to do that. On the PC, I'd use something like GoldWave, or CDWave to trim and split my songs, they have options to ensure the split/cut ends at the end of a sector.


Hope that makes sense!


If it doesn't, or if your gap seems different than described, ask again.

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