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Using *.ts Files To Edit In Creator Nxt Pro



I have a home theater using dolby digital 5.1. Connected to DirecTV cable box I am running HD via video and audio to a Hauppauge HD PVR which can record in 1 of 3 formats: TS, M2TS and MP4. The TS format carries the 5.1 dolby encoding; the other 2 does not. I've recorded an HD program in the TS format and then have tried to import it to Creator, the program tells me "To use this file, it must be converted to an editable format. The original file will not be affected. Would you like to convert it now? Yes or No." Saying no will not let me load the file; saying yes lets me load the file which is then converted to an mpg file. If I keep it as an mpg file, I'll loose all HD and 5.1 dolby encoding. Is there a way, after editing the mpg file to re-convert it back to the TS format? Creator will allow me to edit an M2TS file without converting, but I loose the 5.1 dolby digital encoding.


If this can't be done, is there another video editing program that I can buy that will let me use the TS format without converting it first to an mpg format?



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VideoWave does not support the 5.1 audio, only stereo (2 channel) audio. So, if you need to keep your 5.1 audio, you will indeed need to look for a different video editor.


You CAN edit HD content, just not with the 5.1 audio. You should be able to manually convert the file to an HD format with stereo audio.


As for another editor that handles 5.1? I don't know, maybe someone else will have a suggestion.

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