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Records For Literally 1 Second

Vaigne K


I just bought the HD Pro have everything setup, HDMI cables where they're supposed to be. The picture on my second monitor even shows up on the capture screen as it should be. However as soon as I hit the record button the capture screen flickers and the recording ends after 1 second of footage. and some how it took up 1.5M of space for a solid 1 whole second of flickering home screen footage?! What is going on?


Edit: this only happens when my monitor is selected as the main display if my laptop is the main then it will actually do a full recording, however the game only launches on the display that is set as the main display.

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Try restarting the software. When it happens to me (it happens quite literally every other time I record), restarting the software or un-plugging and plugging back in the cap card works, albeit temporarily.

I have also found .mp4 to just not work at all, not even sure why it was added if it's so broken.

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