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Recording Speed



On my older version using the NXT 3, when I was recording a DVD, and the movie was too large to fit on the disk, it would slow the quality down by changing it to SP, LP, ect....


On the new NXT 4, it is almost like the program was dumbed down and now when I add a movie that is too large, it does not automatically change the speed. How can this be fixed or changed. I can't find any settings area to do this.

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The first thing to realize is that it wasn't "slowing" anything down, it was reducing the quality, giving you a poorer picture by applying more compression.


And yes, the new version of MyDVD that comes with NXT4 is a much dumbed-down version. I haven't looked for that, but I doubt it's something that can be changed to be automatic.


But then, why would you want to reduce the quality of your final DVD? Wouldn't you prefer to keep the quality, and stick with 1 hour of high quality video (2 hours on a dual-layer disc), and spread it across more discs? (Personal preference, of course.)

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The bar at the bottom tells you by turning Red if you exceed disc capacity... But you can't change anything within MyDVD anymore :(


Change you work style to what I think was the intended workflow from Creator 7 on.


Work your Project in VideoWave until it is what you want - split if needed there and render the excess to a new file

The go to MyDVD with it.

I don't like the "new" version either but it is all we have :unsure:

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