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Help Needed?



well ive been using this to record fine gameplay with for like the past 3 weeks but sinve about last week whenver i tried to record the preview would be all grey patched and glitchy.I dont knw if its my laptop and im a complete scrub with techincal terms but ive put my computer on max perofmance but it might just be my cpu.However i dont know how as ive been recording fine for a while...

laptop specs:

acer aspire e5 511-c6j9

intel celeron processor n2830 up to 2.41 GHz

4 GB DDR3 L Memeory


any help would be appreciated

i was thinking of maybe an external cpu/gfx card?

any suggestions will be appreciated but my max budget is really like £65-sorry

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A Celeron is below the minimum requirements, frankly I am surprised you got this far...


However, if it worked before and now it does not, then something has changed and that is what you are after.


Easiest way is to use a Restore Point and go back to an earlier time.


Next step would be to check for updates to your graphic chip or software. If that was recently done, do a roll back as some updates break things.

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No updates were done to any components.but if I record my actual laptop without any programs running it works.thrn I try my Xbox and when the screen moves the slightest bit the grey part appears

Is it possible to use something like an external cpu or processor??

Appreciate the help

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