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Error 4 Unstable Connection



I believe is since I upgraded to El Capitan that my Toast 14 do not burn in an external BD burner.
Neither did my Toast 12 did.
It burn okay form ITunes and other burner apps but not from Toast.

I actually have 2 issues. The first is when I create the Blu-ray project in Toast when I click "burn" tells my that my content is PAL (which is not) I am exporting a self content file form FCP 7 and I did't too as reference file.
Toast offer me re-encoded to NTSC I click okay and after long time encoding when is ready to burn give me an ERROR 4 Unstable connection. Does not do it on my internal optical drive (is not a BD burner) but yes to my external and it didn't in the past, it worked okay before.

My Burner works okay with other apps and Toast works okay with my internal drive and It worked with the external in the past

I am exporting the file as HD from FCP. Also I use the same file to create a DVD in IDVD and works fine as NTSC file and Also I was able to create a BD disc ion Leawo but Leawo don't make chapter markers so I need to burn of the BD in Toast.

Macbook pro 15" Mid 2012 16GB ram 2.6Ghz Core i7 OS 10.11.3 El Capitan

Toast 14

Burner: LG BU14NU40

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I try the recording changing the speed for best to 2X and it worked but still telling me that my files are PAL encoding and are NOT. I exported from FCP 7 in NTSC I am sure but Toast still telling they are PAL. The re encoding take in a 1:30 HD video around 3 hours

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