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Audio Issue Using Video Capture Usb



I have been using the Video capture USB device w/o problems for a few years. (it came with my Creator 10 program. ) It also seemed to working OK with NXT-4 when I upgraded. I have been recording movies from the component outputs from my provider.

both programs have changed from usb input to usb 2681 as input source


Recently I have noticed a hum in the audio with further investigation is recording both line and built in mic.on my laptop. With the download of patch 3, the whole program keeps hanging up. I removed nxt4 and re-installed creator 10 and still have the same issue now. with creator 10 I can change the audio inputs for video but not with nxt. but this resulted in very broken up audio. I'm a novice so don't know if this is hardware, software, Roxio or mmicrosoft. or a bug.


I'm using windows 7 home premium X64, 6 gb ram


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turning off the mic did not work. My default audio setting is mic/line. when I turned off the mic, it resulted in no audio (? improvement/change).

I went into audio setting and tried changing setting to line input and when I set apply it lockd up program. when it did work gave a very stuttering sound pattern.

I found MOvie maker as suggested (I think in another post) and it worked but the resolution sucked so not the usb device

so problem seems to be with Roxio. something has changed and is permanently lodged in my system. deleting programs (managed with much difficulty) and re--installing as creator 2010

did not solve the problem. The Roxio Media import program is the same whether using 2010 or nxt-pro 4

any other suggestions?

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Plug your old device in and open device manager, expand sound video and game controllers, right click on and uninstall all Roxio entrys. Unplug and plug in while device manager is open with sound video and game controllers expanded to see what drivers show.


Now unplug the Roxio USB device and leave it unpluged until I tell you to plug it back in. Reboot the PC, this removes what you right clicked and uninstalled.


Go to start, right click on my computer and click properties. This page will tell you if your operating system is X86 or X64


Now find your C2010 disc and navigate to Videocap_usb. folder open the X86 or X64 for your operating system and double click on wusa.exe and run it. When finished reboot the PC when booted up open device manager expand sound video and game controllers and plug in Roxio USB device.


Now tell us if it works with NXT 4 or not?





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that seems to have worked. audio ok now.

btw I do have the older looking device. but odd thing is I replaced it a couple years ago and it is same picture on web site. do you think I should replace it?

I make dvds to take on the road with me when I go camping and have AC and cant get satellite.

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Glad it is working - I wouldn't get the newer device as you can always peel the needed drivers off your Creator 2010 if you need them :lol:


Isn't the concept of camping to get away from this stuff? I have to settle for rail trails these days and miss getting lost for a few days...

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I have a trailer and go for a week -2 at a time and stay in a mix of full service and boon docking (no facilities, vault toilet and central water spout)

so movies live in a closet for when I hit a full service site like one I hit in wine country. their great when I have grand kids along.

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