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Simultaneous Burn To Multiple Drives


I am looking for software that can burn different sets of data to multiple DVDs simultaneously. Can someone tell me if Roxio supports this, and if so, what the minimum software is that will do it.


To be clear, I am not asking about burning multiple copies of the same disc. I have 4 DVD burners on one PC and I need to burn 16GB of data to DVD. I want to burn 4GB to one disc, and then start burning the next 4GB to another burner on the same computer while the first one is still running, etc.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes it can be done as DATA DISCs...


You would use Roxio Secure Burn, which pops up whenever a disc is inserted in an optical drive.


I only have 3 drive to illustrate this with, but it goes like this:


You can see the drive with a blank discs:


I drag each Folder (could be files) to a separate drive:


The are ready to go so I click each burn icon:


Note that after files/folders are added to each you get this pop up:


Just Close it.

And a burning we go...


As they complete you will get a notice:


Just a screen cap of the Burn Desktop App Options (it is under Tools)


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