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Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus Does Not Show The Noise Or Color Options


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I recently purchased VHS to DVD 3 Plus, but I do not see any options to modify the Noise nor the Color when transferring the VHS to DVD


What am I doing wrong ?





Are you talking about audio noise or video noise? Are you talking about color correction? Are you burning directly to DVD or to a file on your computer (preferred)?


Did you find anything in the "Getting Started Guide" Here (Forget it, there is nothing of use there.) Try this one instead.

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OK I was able to record a VHS to a DVD, but unfortunately the quality is pretty poor . It`s hard to explain but it appears that it adds noise that looks like a fuzzy/blurry layer on top of the film when transferred to DVD . I also tried using the Noise reduction but it`s basically the same issue.

When I looked at the VHS film via the TV it`s a lot clearer. I also had the same VHS tape done in a professional shop and it`s very clear almost no noise appears on the final product.


Could someone give me some feedback on to why this is occuring ?

Any recommendations ?


Thanks in advance

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