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Cannot Burn Cd.



I have compiled a slideshow project with background audio. Everything seems fine and I am able to preview the project but when I try to burn a cd it comes up with this message.... " The file you are trying to use cannot be edited and has not been added. At this point I can't go further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you just have a "project" and not a video file (like wmv, mp4 etc) then it will not burn and you would only be trying to copy a bunch of roadmaps that are in your project. How did you make the slide show and how did you output it to a video file?


Are you really trying to burn a video CD - they are pretty much obsolete' I don;t know of any modern players that will play that format. Get a rewriteable DVD and try that.


We will need much more information.


Also tell us about your computer (read this link)

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I dragged all the .jpg photos into the project and dragged all the audio files into the project. I followed all the steps as the program called for. I even got to preview the project and everything worked. The photos were advancing like a slideshow and the audio was also good. The next step was to do a disc burn and that's when I got the message that it couldn't proceed.

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You've said that you can assemble your slideshow and even get a preview of it, but It's not quite clear at what point you're getting the "The file you are trying to use . . . " error message. It's essential for us to know that.


If I may explain:

You are using two programs, one after the other. The Roxio Sideshow Assistant [ menu Photo > Create Sideshow] accepts your photos, arranges them, gives a preview, and will then either Burn to Disc, or Create a file. If you select to create the file, it makes a .WMV video file of your slideshow. You said you "saved them as videos" so I guess you created a file.


You then go to Video/Movies > Create DVDs, and MyDVD will run. You are asked to select your WMV file, and the program will give a preview of it with the triangle 'play' button at bottom right, next to the orange burn button which should burn it to disc.



Now, can you tell us please, which of the above programs are you checking your preview with, and at what point in the processes are you getting that error message? (We need to see if the Slideshow Assistant is rejecting one of your photos, or if MyDVD is rejecting the WMV file.)






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