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Format Problem When In Video Wave Using Creator Nxt4Pro



In my older creator programs when in video wave I always used 4:3 format and I would be able to play in on 4:3 or wide, but with Creator NXT4 if you use 4:3, that's what you get.

After I finish editing video I save as a video file for a DVD and burn it in my older program. I know there is something I am doing wrong in this new program.

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Not what you SAVE in but rather what you START your VideoWave Project with ;)


But ratios are LAW and you cannot change them! - If you put a 4:3 into a 16:9 you get black bars on the sides... If you put a 16:9 into a 4:3 you get black bars top and bottom...


In either of the above you can change the ratio handling but it will CROP (lose) the images.


Most people fuss about this far more than supported by reality! Grab any BD Movie and slap it into your player with a 'wide screen' TV. Look close. ALL have black bars of varying degrees depending on what the studio chose to use. 16:9 is not common in Hollywood :wacko:


In short, you can't have it both ways without loses somewhere. Whatever you thought you had before is still here but you had loses before and you probably were just not aware of them ;)

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