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Capture & Edit Of Sd Videos


Several users have found issue when trying to capture with only an Composite output available...


The RGC Capture Pro HD only accepts HDMI or Component input!

(Standard Version as well as the Game Capture for Consoles require Component only)


Thus the trick is to convert the Composite to one of the acceptable inputs ;)


There are about three ways you can do this:


An alternate cable tor the console that outputs in HDMI or Component.

(the HDMI may have HDCP and Roxio will not record that)

A different capture device that will match the console output - Amazon $6 to $80.

A Composite converter - Amazon $6 to $35.

A Pass Thorough using a Player - pretty much limited to VHS Players that accept Input (console) and have Output in what you need.

Editing can be interesting...


The RGC always captures in HD (16:9) and will only capture in what it receives:


Here is an SD capture and only 480P is available for capture:


Note the black on the sides during capture:


When you take it to the editor, VideoWave, you can make as SD (4:3) Project.



If you used a capture that was in SD - not sd captured in hd - you will have no issue at this point!

Also if you want to do 16:9 output you are pretty much done at this point!

Try it both ways.


For the rest of us... Right Click on the clip you added and look at the Aspect Ratio Handling:




Note the Production is 4:3 but the clip in 16:9.


Also at the bottom of that pane, there are your choices of how to handle it. In the above it is Show all source (letterbox or sidebars). This places the black bars at the top and bottom.


The other choice is Fill frame (cropping may result). Personally I think this is the worst selection anyone can make! You get full screen in 16:9 but the cost is loses at the sides! Note the space from the 'W' to the left edge above and compare it to the one below. How much of the edges are you willing to lose?



The reason black bars don't bother me is when you compare to to Commercial Movies... DVD's are usually in 4:3. But BluRay's are rarely in 16:9 :o Yet no one seem to notice the black bars after the movie starts.


If a commercial movie, costing millions to make, doesn't bother to worry about black bars, why should you and I ;)


I am going to lock this Topic but if you have questions/comments, feel free to start a new Topic to discuss them -_-

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