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Picture In Picture Question On Creator Nxt 4



I currently own Roxio Creator NXT Pro version 14 trying to use VideoWave. I was wondering for something that I haven't been able to figure out how to do it in this version I was wondering if this was possible in NXT Pro 4. And if so can you tell me how to do it so if I do decide on moving up to 4, I'll know how to do it. Or if you know how to do it on my current version of NXT Pro VideoWave, I would like to know that also.


What I'm trying to do is that I film a group presentation using two video cameras. One camera is focused on the presenter and the other camera is focused on the projector screen.


I've basically created two separate full length videos from these two cameras.


What I would like to do in creating a final video is to have the presenter full screen at the beginning of the video, then when the projector screen becomes more important, I would basically like to shrink (fly) the main video down to the corner of the full screen (and trim/crop the video display so I can get just the presenter and eliminate unneeded parts of the display.) At the same time, bring in the projector screen to full size. If I can do the resizing of the initial screen with animation it would be great but not a deal breaker if not possible.


So can anyone tell me how I can do this with either of the versions of NXT?


I appreciate any help possible.



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These suggestions by Steve are still in NXT 4's VideoWave.


Main difference in 4 is that the MyDVD is a super slim application unlike all previous versions! You can no longer go directly from VideoWave into MyDVD. Now you MUST output your project in VW into a file that you add to MyDVD.


All other video editors that I have worked with, work that same annoying way :unsure:


Brendon' observation is also correct ;)

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