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lara hartley

Back-Up Photo Files To Blue Ray


i bought a new dvd recorder, OWC Slimline - 6x - dvd/blu ray, for the purpose of backing up and archiving a large library of photo files. i also bought BD-R discs which i understand have 25 gigs of space.

using toast 11, i am unable to access 25 gigs of space. the most i can record is 7.96. i bought and installed the blu-ray plug-in.


i am not quite sure what i am doing wrong. i have no problem burning regular DVDs. but this drive is worthless if i can’t burn 25 gigs. i may as well have stayed at 4 gigs as 7.96 is not worth the extra cost of the drive and discs.


macbook pro retina, OS 10.9.5,



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Lara, I'm not a MAC user, but it strikes me that the 7.96G you can record is the same amount of space as DVD-DL (dual layer DVD) discs can hold. Is there any chance you really bought DVD-DL discs instead of BR discs? Worse yet maybe you got a mislabeled package?


(I know that DL DVDs are labelled as 8.5GB, but the manufacturers mean 8,500,000,000 bytes, when your computer would mean 9,126,805,504 bytes. So, your computer will see 8,500,000,000 bytes as 7.96 GB.)


Let us know what you find.

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the most i can record is 7.96


Do note that the “Space remaining” indicator at the bottom-left of the Toast window, has a drop-down selector for the disc type [CD/DVD/DVD DL/BD/BD DL/...], which has to be set manually. It isn't done automatically. Changing the disc type will set a different capacity, and thus a different indication of space remaining.

That's how it should be, although I do not have Toast 11 installed anymore to check. If your Toast behaves differently, then perhaps one of the support/preference files may have a fault in it, and may need deletion and re-creation.

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