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Dan C


Here's what I am trying to do:

Create a DVD which has the following characteristics:


It contains a few short videos, one of which is an exported slide show from Photos

It also contains a folder that has the originals of all the photos in the slide show

It also contains a folder that has all the Photoshopped versions of all the photos in the slide show


Desired behavior:

If inserted in a normal DVD player, the menu pops up and it acts like a DVD. Don't care if the two folders show up or not.

If inserted in a Windows or Mac machine, have to be able to see the photos (we can put the slideshow in here in a different format if it matters)


Seems so simple....


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From the user guide:


Adding ROM data to a DVD-Video Disc

When creating a DVD-Video disc, you can choose to add additional data files to the disc that will only be accessible when you're viewing the contents of your finished disc on a Mac or PC. When playing back your DVD on a set-top player, these additional files will be ignored by the DVD player.
To add ROM data to a DVD-Video disc:
1 Prepare a DVD-Video project, adding the desired video files to the Content Area.
2 Click the Options button, if necessary, to reveal the Options panel.
3 Click the Include DVD-ROM content check box, if it is not already selected. This activates the Change button.
4 Click the Change button.
5 Add files and folders to the ROM portion of the disc as instructed onscreen.
6 Click OK.
7 Insert a blank, recordable DVD.
8 Select additional options, if desired, directly on the Options panel or by clicking Customize.
9 Optional: Change the destination recorder and number of copies at the bottom of the screen.
10 Click the red Burn button at the bottom right of the Toast window.
11 Click Record to continue.
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