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Save As Disc Image

Danny T


Two questions:

1. When I save as a disc image and then mount the disc, and then open the disc in DVD Player, the Menu appears with the first item selected, but pressing Play immediate returns to the Play button and nothing happens. Can also not select the other two items.


2. When I save a disc image, the user manual says it saves in a format that can be read on a Mac. Is it true, then, that if my intent is to create a DVD that can be read by a DVD player, and a Mac, and a Windows computer, I cannot save a disc image?

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1/ This look like confusion over the interface of Apple DVD Player.app. The Play button on the controller plays (or resumes play for) the disc, not to start playing the selected item. (Just like the remote for most set top DVD players.) To play a clip from the menu, navigate to an item with the arrow buttons (or keys), then press the Enter button (or use the Enter key). You can also use the mouse pointer to select-and-enter.


2/ The disc image file blahblah.toast is compatible with Toast/Toast Image Mounter/Disk Utility. There is no official support if you want to use the file elsewhere.

The burned DVD-Video disc will be compatible with set top players, and computers of any platform that can handle DVDs, regardless of disc image file intermediate step or direct burn.

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