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Blu Ray Disc Burn Playback Issues On Ps4

Cinema Fantastico


Hello Everyone,


I've been using Toast for decades for a majority of my music projects (professionally) and video projects (hobby). Through the years and different version of Toast I have been able to create some amazing projects for clients, family, and friends. My casual plunge into working with video has provided me further exploration into what Toast can offer especially with Blu Ray media.


I am a fan of customizing the menus so I can do what I need to do, simply, while impressing others.


There is one thing that isn't working for me though, playback on a PlayStation 4.


A few months ago I made a couple of short "movies" for my friends. I wanted to give them as a gift complete with full color inserts and so forth. It turned out really good and burned to a BD-R DL without issue. It plays perfectly on every Blu Ray player I have (I have 5 different brand players). The menus navigate perfectly as well. So I handed them out to my friends and I started to get messages saying the disc was "messed up" and not working. I found out that those discs were being played on a PS4. I did not have a PS4 at the time to confirm but I did have a PS3 and I decided to see if it worked on there (I forgot that it supported Blu Ray) and it worked flawlessly on the PS3.


I had to tell those people to use a different player because I didn't know the cause.


Since then I have bought a PS4 and recently decided to try it again for myself. Before I was still using Toast 11. This time I upgraded to Toast 14 Pro. I thought, maybe, by upgrading it would fix the issue but it didn't. I'm still getting a half green screen with the top-half showing the program overlapping four times.


Any input would be great. This last burn to Blu Ray disc clocked in at 8 hours. So it's not a very casual way to tweak a few settings and burn it again sort of thing. I've tried 3 different times and I don't want to waste anymore Blu Ray discs (the blank BD-R DL's are $2 a pop).


I'm attaching two different screenshots: one of the last project settings I used (I greyed out the project names) and a snapshot of the TV screen when played on the PS4.


Like I said, the PS4 is the ONLY system I have run across that is doing this on playback.


Please help,





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A few years back, when the PS4 was pretty new, some video glitches -including much green on screen- were related to the setting of Deep Color Output on the PS4, with a tv that isn't compatible with that setting. Often Deep Color Output was set to Automatic, and turning it to Off would remedy the video glitches. Perhaps your BD triggers DCO and thus the weird output? Would that be worth checking?

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Thanks for the responses. I'll have to mess around with PS4 settings to see if that does anything.

Nope, no luck in changing any of the settings either on the PS4 or TV. Googling this scenario yielded zero answers. I might just have to tell people it simply isn't compatible with the PS4. Disappointing considering, for some of my friends, it's their only Blu Ray player. If anyone runs across a solution, please let me know. Next I'm going to change some of the source settings.




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