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How Do You Edit The Titles On The Menu Screen



In Toast 14 Titanium you have the option to select a menu style in the process of making a video DVD. How do you edit the individual button titles within a menu style. I see this question several times in the discussions but no answer. Can these buttons be labeled and if so how? If they cannot be labeled or edited what is their purpose? Any suggestions are certainly appreciated.


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When set to Video|DVD-Video, the main window in Toast, where you drop the clips, has two display modes (toggle with the MT6cfdJ.png-button): Large thumbnails with three lines of text for editable description and video specification, and compact, small thumbnails with one line of text. I think the first text line defaults to the filename, the second line to the date, and the third line to the duration. But these fields can be edited to your liking, using the Edit button.

Most menu styles show that first text line below the thumbnail image as button title in the main menu. It may include text line #2 too if the menu has only one or two thumbnails.

The chapter menus (if you chose to have those) for jump-points into each clip at certain intervals, can only have thumbnails, no titles.

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