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Toast 14 Says Project Is Too Large To Burn Dvd-Video





I am using Toast 14 on my Mac, OS X El Capitan, I have made a compilation of about 10 Video_TS files that I am trying to convert to a DVD-Video. The size at the bottom of the screen says I am at 4.15 GB, it is about 2 hours worth of content after I edited each video. When I try to burn to a DVD-Video, an error comes up and says you don't have enough storage for 14 GB, the DVD is only 4.38 GB.


My question is... where s the program getting 14 GB from?


I did a test with just 2 videos that were about 5 minutes each, and it burned great, except a lot of the raw footage that I edited out in Toast came on the DVD!!


Is there a setting that is trying to put the raw, unedited version of each Video-TS file on my final DVD-Video?


Thanks for your help!

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Here's some potentially really dumb questions...


Could it be referring to the amount of storage on your boot device, and not the recordable disc? I know that some built-in functionality in OS X requires sufficient space on the boot device in order to "stage" content prior to burning (e.g. if you were to burn a 4GB folder to disc, it would probably need *at least* 4GB to "stage" a disc image file prior to burning it).


Or, could Toast be trying to re-encode the VIDEO_TS folders prior to burn, using (significantly?) less compression than how they're currently encoded? *If* that were the case, needing 14GB of storage to stage a disc with a final size of 4.38GB sounds plausible - depending on the running time of the source media and whatever encoding settings it's trying to use (almost sounds like it may be looking for ~1GB per VIDEO_TS folder, plus ~4GB to create a disc image file to be burned to disc). Alternatively, if it's trying to re-encode the VIDEO_TS folders, the resulting output could potentially come out to ~14GB, in which case trying to change settings to "Reencoding: Never" might help (if it works at all; see my related topic/post).

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