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Audio Insert In Videowave And Mydvd

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Looking at old threads this appears to be an old and common problem with Creator NXT Videowave audio. I've been looking for workarounds and trying to determine the root cause –

The problem – using “Add Background Audio” in Videowave or “Change Menu Audio” in MyDVD the program crashes as soon as it tries to access a folder containing audio files.

Background to the problem – It has been getting worse over the past year or so, starting with crashing occasionally to now crashing every time. I think it started, but I'm not sure, when I upgraded my desktop from Windows 8 to 8.1. It was eventually crashing every time with 8.1 and I have since upgraded to windows 10 with no change.

First workaround – in Videowave I can of course open file explorer and drag a file into videowave. I can't do that with MyDVD – I used to have to move all required files to a Windows XP or 7 machine to carry out audio work. (Note – I have several disc copies of Creator NXT bought for a photography group – the problem exists with ALL copies when installed on my desktop).

Another workaround - I have recently discovered the following - if I remove all my audio files from the folder normally accessed by Videowave and put them elsewhere, then open Videowave or MyDVD, open the required file, then replace the audio file(s) that I require for this session to the normal folder, Videowave and MyDVD can then successfully access these files. Furthermore, if I then close and re-open Videowave or MyDVD and then re-open the required file the program again crashes when attempting to access the files.

So, if there are no files in the relevant folder when the Videowave or MyDVD file is opened, any files subsequently added to the folder, while the Videowave or MyDVD file is still open, will be accessed successfully.

Has anyone any idea what the root cause might be – NXT frailty? (there are other minor audio and other problems not mentioned here!!!), Windows? (NXT used to work OK with Windows 8 and initially with 8.1 and the same copies work on my other Windows 7 and XP machines), my desktop? (I have no other problem with it although I appreciate NXT is more complex than anything else I use). Would an NXT upgrade to NXT4 help?



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Why do you think we'd give your bad advice -- to sc--w you; especially you?


It is well documented that the Creator series of programs will work for some time with W 10 and will then fail. There were many changes in W8 (from W 7) that were carried over to W10. Not everything worked right in either of those programs.


No it is not a marketing ploy to get more money from you. Creator NXT 4 is the only one that is certified to work with W-10. By the way , remember that you were the one to select to upgrade to W 10 from whatever you had.


If you want to pursue this in an intelligent manner, please attach the text file from a dxdiag.exe evaluation of your computer?

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Hi, thanks for your reply but I cannot agree with your statement - everything else works as it does with Windows 7. Also the problems I have, as I said, started with 8.1.


Dude, I didn't make this up. Here is what Corel has for compatible programs for Windows 10:




Good luck to you.

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Apologies to Digital Guru. I didn't mean to be so abrupt, but had your response been fuller I could have made a more considered reply. I was just stating from experience. From what you say I can expect to see more modes of failure, but while what I require is working or I can find a workaround I will carry on with NXT. I had tested NXT "successfully" on a different Windows 10 machine before upgrading, but clearly this was not a good enough test.

Many thanks

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