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Please remember we are customers, like you. We do this on our own time. Since we are scattered from Ireland to New Zealand, it's probable someone will be around soon if not right now. However, most of us have full-time jobs, and may be away from the boards for a couple days or a couple weeks. Dropping someone a PM is probably not your best bet.


If someone has already started a thead about the problem, please click "Thread options" and "Enable email notification of replies" and the board will email you when answers are posted.


If the posting is months old and hasn't been answered, it might be better to start a new thread - it may be that when you've given us the information we need, we will consider it a different problem.


If you make the MISTAKE of adding to it with a "me too", we are likely to assume you have answered it.


Needed information: Altho it seems like it would be fairly simple to just say what has gone wrong, in fact it's like there is no absolute answer to "the car won't start", which could have to do with lack of fuel, sparkplug problems, missing key, etc.


So, please:

  • name which program which gives you the problem - Music CD Project, Data CD Project, Direct CD, Disc Copy, etc.
  • give your operating system (Win98SE, WinXP SP1, Linux, etc.)
  • clarify which Roxio version number - the version number can be found by going to the program in question, clicking on "help" at the top, and then "about".
  • tell us your drive identifier - to get the ID string, right-click on the "my computer" icon, go to "properties" at the bottom of the menu, the hardware tab, then Device Manager, then click on the + alongside the CDROM icon.
  • what recent changes/updates/upgrades you have made to software or hardware.

if you have an error message, we would need the precise text, error numbers, and such, in what situation it occurred, etc. It would help to take a picture with a digital camera or use the (ALT) print screen key and Paste the so created snapshot into, say, MSPAINT.exe so you have available the exact numbers and words when you type your message to us. Or write them out with pen and paper, so you can type them in exactly.


Private communicatons or inserting your email address: Problems are usually dealt with in public on the board. If you post your email address thinking you will get a personal reply, please remember that these boards show up in google.com and you will probably get something. We are simply volunteers and most of us don't want to use our personal email address for the purposes of this board.


Updates: If you want to yell at Roxio's tech staff, I'm afraid you are a bit late, as the last work they did on Platinum was April 23, 2003; the last work on Basic was May 13, 2003. The last Drive-Up patch "" to support newer burners was December 15, 2004. If your burner is newer that that, you probably will not be able to use ECDC 5 - and if your burner is a super-duper DVD burner, it may not be supported anyway. (NOTE: The List of Supported Drives has been deleted by Roxio; Digital Guru Brendon may be able to answer questions if you start a thread on the Forum.)


Problems downloading update files: Temporaily turn off pop-up blockers (it is a pop-up), advertising filters (it has the word "promotion" in it), firewalls (including the Microsoft one, if you have it and it has been activated by a Microsoft update without your knowledge or consent). If that doesn't work, temporarily turn off the Virus-scanner. If that doesn't work, some people have been successful by trying a different browser, such as Firefox or Opera. Both can be downloaded free; Firefox is around 4.5MB, and Opera is a little over 3MB. (Digital Guru d_deweywright reports that when using Opera, it is necessary to enable the Referrer Logging, and actually restart the browser.)


ECDC 5 only supports Data DVD, not video. It does NOT support dual-layer.


Other CD-burning programs: Avoid programs such as Windows Media Player 7.01 or higher; Music Match; and Real Players with Roxio plugins, because they can kill ECDC versions 4 and 5. It is usually these (or in Windows XP a permissions error) and NOT the Klez virus which cause engine initialization errors.


Newer RealPlayer versions use the same Adaptec burning engine as ECDC 4 and 5. When you add RealPlayer 9 or 10, it uses some of the same file names (with different contents) and registry key names (with different information) as ECDC 4 and 5. Therefore, ECDC 4 and 5 can't use the files and don't work. It depends on which you would rather keep. If you'd rather keep ECDC 4 or 5, uninstall the RealPlayer, clean it out with Roxizap or a "clean uninstall" (using the Microsoft Uninstall will leave bits and pieces), and re-install ECDC.


ROXIZAP: if you need to uninstall version 4 or 5 and are not using other Roxio software such as GoBack (because it will be uninstalled too), try the Roxizap uninstaller. Roxizap is located at:




(NOTE: if you ARE using Roxio (Now Symantec) GoBack 3, unistall before and reinstall afterward.) (At present, you can go to the knowledgebase and type in "roxizap" and get the link and the instructions; let us know if the link is having problems again.)


Formatting CD-R or CD-RW discs: If you format the disc, it is formated with DirectCD, and will only work with DirectCD. It will call up DirectCD evry time you put it in. It's what I call "Basic False Analogy" - you format the floppy, then use the floppy - therefore you format the CD-R or CD-RW, then use the CD-R or CD-RW. For all the other programs within the suite (the ones which are better for keeping your data long-term), use a BLANK blank disc, directly out of the package or off the spindle.


DirectCD: "Never trust your ONLY copy of an important file to a Packet-Written Program, like DirectCD, Drag-to-Disc, Nero's InCD, Sonic's DLA, etc. Packet-Written discs tend to fail, usually at the worst possible time." DirectCD is NOT a good choice for system backup. If you are moving a COPY of a file from one computer to another, it's a fine tool.


CD-RWs are a fine tool, but not a long-term tool. The same quality that enables them to be re-written will cause them to fade to blank over time. They can still be re-used, but eventually not even an ISO based program will retrieve them. There is no hard-and-fast rule as to how long they will last, but the more critical the situation the more you should worry about this.


There are three kinds of CD-RW media

  • standard (1-4x)
  • "high-speed" (4-10x or 4-12x)
  • "ultra-speed" (10x or 12x and up)

There is different technology behind each of the three forms of CD-RW, and they are not compatable. If your burner's middle number is 4x or lower, it will only use standard; up to 10 or 12, it can use standard and "high-speed" RW's higher than that, it can use "high-speed" and "ultra-speed", and possibly standard.


(To check what your burner can use, open any project, like MusicProject or DataProject, click on "Tools", click on "CD Drive Properties", click on the drive you want to check, and there is a drop-down box for "supported media". It will list CD-RW, CD-RW (High Speed), and CD-RW (Ultra Speed) seperately.)


DataProject - import session: When you close session, don't close CD, the next time you add a session, you need to be sure to "import session" (it's on the Disc menu). What this does is bring forward the TOC (Table of Contents) so you can still access those files. It is NOT like a "save as" of a document which duplicates the document; it merely keeps the address so you can find the document. Just remember to finalize the CD before your computer crashes, in case when it it revived it has a different program.

If you didn't do that, there is still hope - http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=159


"Missing Files": If you have "missing files" when using DirectCD or a CD-RW, consider an ISO based program such as cdroller (www.cdroller.com) or ISOBuster (www.isobuster.com). Both have impressive testimonials on their websites and in the Roxio boards. Both now have "trial" versions, which let you see if anything can be recovered before you have to pay - you odds are better with CD-R than CD-RW. We have no other magic.


General removal of "nasties: remove Ad/Spy/Malware - many people recommend running programs such as Ad-Aware and SpyBot(which are free), or another anti-malware program. In addition to recommending those, the WALL STREET JOURNAL (8Dec04) quotes the chief security officer at Hewlett-Packard, Sherry Ryan, as saying she always burns a CD of her digital photos, so she won't lose them if her computer crashes. (Note, not CD-RW nor DirectCD.)



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