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Toast Burned Dvd Won't Play On Dvd Player


Hello Everyone,


I've created a DVD file and burned it to a Verbatim dual layer disc, using Toast Titanium 14. It plays fine on both Mac and PC multiple players, but won't play on a home DVD player, e.g. Panasonic or JVC. Any pointers in the right direction would be gratefully received. Thanks very much,



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When you say, "DVD file", what exactly does that mean? What is the name and extension of what you've created? Does it include a folder that's named, "Video_TS"?


A playable DVD disc is not just a "file," it is a very specific folder structure with specific file types. You can't just throw a video file onto a DVD disc, and expect it to play in a set-top player. You have to Author the disc properly.


I'm not a Toast/MAC user so I can't help you with any specifics. You'll need to find the part of Toast that says, (to this effect): "Create a playable DVD disc" and follow the steps it leads you through, which should include, adding the video file I suspect you created.

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