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Help Me With My Roxio Game Capture Device (Program)



*Important: Please help me with my problem with the Roxio Program. I really need help from Roxio's Team members/Tech Support! I have the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO.


To Start, I bought your Game Capture Device about 2 and a half years and I have had many problems with the program. I will try my hardest to explain in detail, and try to keep my sentences to a minimum.


#1 Problem: Crashes


- The program has crashed on me so many times from editing and most recently trying to login to my Twitch to stream from Roxio. When I am editing the device can crash to just about anything I do.


a. Putting in game footage

b. adding audio

c. using some of the editing features

d. Sometimes the editor just crashes without me doing anything.

e. etc.


- Recently, I wanted to try streaming on Twitch using the Capture part of the program. Every time I try to Login, the thing says that "a problem caused by the program caused the stop working."


Also, I have tried Re-installing, Repairing, and running as Administrator multiple times before contacting you. This is my first time asking for help and I hope someone can help me solve this issue!


Problem #2


- When I am capturing my gameplay from my console, sometimes the capture device glitches or completely ruins the recording. This happens at random, so I don't think something like this can be fixed, but if someone has a solution. Please let me know!


Let me know if you need any more information in your reply, and I hope you can help solve my problems!


This is a Screenshot of the error message:






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It is possible that your PC is not up to the task... Many users read the specs and convince themselves that their PC meets them. Your results look like it may not.


But it can also be due to some corruption that crept into your software so let's fix that as we go.


Check under Support - Software Updates at the top and download the Roxio GameCapture SP2.


Then unplug you RGC Device and hide it in another room :huh:


Uninstall the current RGC Software, reboot and install the SP2 you downloaded.


For your PC Specs, do a Win-Pause and tell us everything in Windows edition & System.


Reboot and try to edit something. Assuming it will now work, go find your RGC Device and try it out.

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